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    An overview of the profession of speech and language pathology will be introduced by providing a description of the global and local history of the profession, the roles of speech-language pathologists (SLPs) in various settings and the professionals they may work with. The course will also include the discussion of pediatric and geriatric medical conditions that entail speech, language and swallowing intervention, an overview of the normal development of speech, language, and swallowing and the etiologies and characteristics of communication and swallowing disorders. The issues that the profession is currently confronted with and the qualities of an effective speech-language pathologist will also be discussed.

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    This course introduces the students to the basic knowledge of Health Informatics, as to the potential uses of the computer in medical education and practice, specifically in the field of Rehabilitation Sciences. It includes, Internet, Electronic library, Word processes and graphics software including E – learning systems such as Moodle.